National Tile Retailer

One of the UK’s leading tile retailers with over 300 stores nationwide, thinks our CGI is so convincing that they don’t even want to admit that their shots aren't entirely photographed! That’s fine by us, the images are so strong they speak for themselves even without the brand name! 

The clever marketing team at this top secret client, often ask us to take their existing photography and swap out discontinued ranges for new products, creating an entirely new look at a fraction of the cost of a re-shoot. They have been so convinced by our meticulous eye for photorealism that they have even commissioned some entirely CGI'd room sets and animations, to enhance their ever evolving and engaging marketing material and online resources for customers. Can you work out what's real and what's CGI?

One of their marketing managers once asked us in feedback to a suite of fully CGI’d images:

“How come the CGI looks like it’s real and so many of our real photos look like they’ve been CGI’d?”