Viva Sanitary

Plumbing Products

Viva Sanitary describe themselves as “the brand for the pros, because there’s no time to waste with anything else”. We couldn’t agree more when it comes to commissioning CGI and that’s why Viva Sanitary came to us at The Table Creative – the pros. 

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If you thought waste systems and flush valves were a little dull as a subject matter for our CGI team, you’d be wrong! Viva’s ingenious approach to marketing, allied with their bespoke and intricate product design has made for plenty of challenging but engaging projects as we’ve enabled them to move their entire stock imagery to CGI. After producing animated installation videos, instruction illustrations for print and their 2017 catalogue and events hoarding, they agree that when it comes to commissioning CGI, there’s no point wasting time with anyone else but The Table Creative. 


Marketing Manager Alan Hanson:

“The Table Creative have become our trusted go-to team for all our marketing imagery and videos. We love their dedication to exacting detail and unrivalled efficiency and passion for what they do. It takes passion and vision to make a flush valve look sexy – but somehow Phil and his team of pros pull it out of the bag time and time again”

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